3 Things To Do While Sad At Work

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Office politics can actually take over you and your positive mindset for a toss. There are times when the office politics will get so much to you that you’d not only feel bad about it but also become sad. Such mood swing is not only unhealthy for the work environment but also for your own mental health.

I am no expert in getting rid of the office mood swings, but I have experienced this in the past few weeks and now have some sure shot remedy to it. I am not sure if these would work for all of you, but yes it worked very well for me.

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Cries to speak out…

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Why should you watch Everest (2015) in movie theatres?

Jason Clarke as Rob Hall in the movie

Jason Clarke as Rob Hall in the movie

[Disclaimer: Italicized words in this page are links to their Wikipedia pages and image contents only. This blog is not published for promoting film “Everest (2015)” and is not associated with any of its affiliates.]

You have already seen its adventure trips in Discovery channel or probably the mini-series “Beyond The Limit”. You have read brief stories about Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay in newspapers or geography books while you were just 12 years old! You know the story. You know what’s gonna happen to their body, toes, nails, teeth etc. You know how tough it is. You also know how beautiful the tip of Everest looks when the Sun shines early morning…that panoramic view is breathtaking…People who have been to Ladakh must have really enjoyed the view!! oh WoW!! You know everything about Everest!!

No!! You Don’t.

This big screen exposure of Mount Everest is what you will miss, if you don’t go to the movie. Watching it in 3D is always a “plus” for moviegoers. Though the movie could use the best actors of our era, I would say, this was more than just a “decently good” movie. The environmental effects, cinematography and every small detail, have been covered in the movie. Mind you, it’s “a disaster” movie that implies this Everest expedition ain’t gonna be a smooth sail for the climbers and the audience. Kindly do not compare with Gravity, Interstellar or any other mini-series. Because it’s a real life story! And even if you are a first-time Mt. Everest viewer you will find it a really nice movie worth the money. The movie has everything wrapped up in over 2 hours! After Catch Me If You Can and Interstellar, this was the movie that made me forget time and I realized the ending only when real-life pictures of climbers scrolled up.

Before you watch the movie, keep following things in mind. (NO SPOILERS here)

  1. Mind you, Mt. Everest is over 8800 metres or 29000 ft.
  2. Keep track of the climber’s suit color, if you find difficult of remembering too many names.
  3. The movie Rob Hall was going on this summit for the fifth time. And he met his future wife during one of his earlier expeditions. He had gained popularity owing to his reliable and humble persona as a mountaineer.
  4. You must have seen the glaciers falling in Arctic or Antarctica TV shows. The movie will show you what actually happens when there is an avalanche in Everest.
  5. As seen in the movie, there were a total of four camps and a base camp on the South side of Everest i.e. approaching via Nepal. After 2015 earthquake, am not sure about the status of these camps. Click Camp Locations for photographic map of Everest route and camp locations.
  6. Flight goers might have noticed how hot the window glass is when the plane is flying at its peak, and it’s really annoying. Well in the movie, you can see for yourself, if the sun is actually annoying or a blessing in disguise.

That’s all folks!!! Thanks for dropping by!! Now go enjoy the movie. Do come back and check the following list for more such information.

Here’s a list of Mount Everest facts (SPOILER ALERT facts start from here)

  1. Research on climbers’ health claims that they have more efficient lung capacity than an average human. Workout in gym might enhance your muscular power but thin air and extremely cold temperatures are not everyone’s cup of tea. That’s why mountain sherpas are faster in gaining skills for mountain climbing.
  2. List of Mount Everest records has the  list of fastest, youngest and oldest persons who have climbed Everest since 1922.
  3. Timeline of Everest expeditions contains the list of Mount Everest expeditions from 1922 to 2015.
  4. Elizabeth Hawley claims to have a chronicle of almost all Himalayan expeditions. If you are into journalism, or a newbie climber, she is the most knowledgeable person for you.

For more information on the 1996 Everest disaster and Rob Hall, you can read the book Into Thin Air and watch the movies: Into Thin Air:Death on Everest (1997) and Everest (1998).

Thanks again for your valuable time!! Do share your review in the comments section below.

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We’re responsive creatures, always yearning for some kind of carnal or spiritual fulfillment. So many of our conversations are dedicated to that one question: What makes us feel alive? For me it’s neither people nor adventures. It’s the shapes and colors that make up a city I love.

When I took a semester off in Cali, all I could think about was how much I missed NYC and how exciting it would be to blog about college life there. But four months after I returned to NYU I’ve only written four posts on my adventures here in the Big Apple. Ostensibly it’s because I just haven’t had the time. In reality it’s because I’ve kind of lost confidence in my writing. I don’t think I’ll ever be as good a writer as I would like to be, and I certainly don’t think I’m good enough to capture the sense of wonder I feel every time…

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Everyone has a best friend. I too have one. And everytime its a “She“. People start thinking that i have crush on her and tease me, until they find out that we are just friends and she is already committed to someone else. I told about this to her once and she told that “people talk”, “dont listen to them”. I did so and we are very good friends now. Now since my engineering is over, she lives at another place, joined a company while i joined MBA. We hardly talk now(we hardly get time to talk). Here in 4 months time, i made new friends, atleast the whole class. I was chosen as CR(class representative of the batch). Everything was going fine. loads of assignments increased day by day as we came close to Semester end. On the very first day, that girl caught my attention. She was pretty. She was fast. She was full of attitude. She never gave a second thought to what she was doing or asking. I liked her. I was getting attracted towards her as if like a magnet. Within this time, there were more than one occasions when we had to work together in group tasks. I seemed to have gained her trust. We started spending more time off-class on the project we were working. More the time i spent with her, more i came to know about her. 
Ya she is a bit foolish, i think completely foolish, but smart enough in handling people  during work and other stuff. Due to her attitude, stubbornness, open-heartedness, mingling with more guys than usual—it developed a wrong sense among guys! 😦 
Guys maintained distance from her. Some guys who were a bit interested in her(in terms of lust), they started inquiring about her relationship status. When they came to know that she already has a boyfriend, they moved back(Ofcourse I told them, who else would do that kinda blunder. I was the only guy close to her and most girls talked to me.) 
People complained about her, bitching about her on her back. But she never treated me like what they said. She is now more closer to me than any other girl yet farther than to be my best friend. She trusts me. She respects me. 
Today, while we both were studying in library(endsem is going on), i pointed out to some of her faults. Ofcourse was bit raged on hearing me. No. She didn’t shout at me, but she told me a thing which blew my  mind off!!! She told me “You too have a fault. pls dont mind. I heard about it just yesterday, and i was so mad at you.”(few minutes silence) “I was so angry at you. How could you do this!! Its just one n half month old thing. And why did you tell others! You could have told me!!”
Am left shocked. I was shocked that i have told such a horrible thing about her!!.. Then she told me that the guy XYZ in our class(with whom she spends more time now and have both become the talk of people) is not friend with me anymore cause am a cheap guy, timid thinking!!. The day i first saw him with her in evening walk, later I had asked him “whats your objective behind talking to him!!” And this thing he told her yesterday!! 
I dont know what to tell her now. In library, everything went silent, as if i had committed a treacherous crime!!! She was looking at me for an answer. I don’t know what to say. My mouth ran dry, mind went blank, sweating in the chilly winter. I guess she realized that i was worried. She broke the silence and told “we are just friends. you could have asked me, why didn’t you?”
In the back of my mind — “How can i tell you that I love You, thats why i was worried what that guy has to do with you!! why are you so much interested in him….even more than me!!! I leave all my work for you but you run away everytime. Run like PT Usha everywhere, leaving me behind!!! I hate you but i love you. How can i tell you the whole reason behind all this!! And that XYZ $%#^%#^% if he has a problem with me, he should have told me…whats the need to tell others!!! is he not man enough to face me!!”. I told that yes i had a doubt but he had already told the same answer before. And we continued our studies again. 
I could have shared this with my best friend who could have helped me out. But how to do that when i have a crush on her!! And she already has a boyfriend!!! Thats why i came back here to share it.
This girl… i don’t know whats there in our future. She is a very nice girl. All my close friends here have warned me that I have fallen for the wrong girl. But my heart says that she is right. She is not perfect, i know, but even so am I. Don’t know if she will still continue our friendship. Can’t afford to lose her 😦
Time to go…
see ya

Did You Know – Part 1

1. On 6 January 1987, University of California astronomers first witnessed the birth of a galaxy, that contained 1 billion stars.

2. While there are so many cows grazing in the world, there are no two cows who have an identical pattern of spots. Same is the case with our fingerprints.

3. Napoleon and Julius Caesar both suffered from ailurophobia, the severe fear of cats.

4. The stripes on zebra cannot be said black and white(technically). It’s rather black stripes over the white skin.

You must have seen this beautiful bird in movie Rio

5. Hyacinth Macaw is the largest parrot in the world, while the Buff Faced Pygmy Parrot is the smallest parrot in the world

6. Total distance covered by the trains of the Indian Railways each day, equals 3.5 times the distance of Earth to Moon.

7. The hippopotamus’ eyes, ears and nostrils are on top of its head. This enables it to stand or sit, submerged almost completely in water with as little as possible showing above the surface, like the tip of iceberg.

8.  In 1905, the largest uncut diamond of the world, Cullinan (3106.75 carets) was discovered in South Africa

Black Widow spider

9. Black Widow, one of the most poisonous spider’s web’s silk is the strongest of all other types found in the world. Its poison is so powerful that if a bird eats black widow, it might face some problem in stomach due to its poison.

10.  Alexander the great had the chronic neurological disorder called epilepsy

11.  Not all species like the Asiatic Bear live in warmer climates, and doo not hibernate

12. Baywatch was the first American TV show to be seen in the People’s Republic of China

13. Earthworms have five hearts

14. In 1869,Austria became the first country to use postcards

15. Flying frogs change color all the day. They are greenish-blue during day-time and green in the evening. At night there are black.

K S Ranjitsinh

16.  K. S. Ranjitsinhji(Ranji) was the first Indian to be featured in the Wisden cricket magazine. He was featured in the 1897 issue.

17. World’s First SMS, Merry Christmas, was sent on Dec 3, 1992 by Neil Papworth of Sema Group to Richard Jarvis of Vodafone, in UK

18. The game of Chess was invented in India

19. In 1556, the deadliest earthquake was recorded, killing 830,000 in China. It was the third deadliest natural calamity

20. Everest is the highest mountain above sea level but not the highest from the centre of the Earth

Letter to Bestfriend

These are a few lines from the letter, my bestfriend(now my love), V, gave me in our last meeting,  before I left the city. She made me do her a promise not to tell anyone about this nor should I show it to anyone. So am going to present the letter here with a little change in language and style, so that her precious words stay with me always.

To My Bestfriend

I have always wanted a friend in my life with whom I can share every single moment of my life. Tanya is there, but not always. And finally my quest was over. I found you. U were so supportive and understanding. You have so much patience to listen to whatever I say. Even if I made fun of you, calling you names and all, you weren’t angry with me. Whenever
I was in trouble, you were always there to help me out.  You had all the solutions to my problems. I felt like God has sent me an angel. And as days passed we became best friends.  With you, I was able to talk freely about anything. Whenever I called you (sorry! you called me), we kept talking for long hours and it was like two friends since childhood. Even though we are staying miles apart, it never felt like you were far from me. I felt that you were by my side always and you are, even now.

Then as days passed, it was like I felt restless waiting for your messages to come and I
would repeatedly sms you.   I didn’t know then why was this happening with me. And whenever you called me, no matter how much I wanted to talk to you I couldn’t utter a single word and all I wanted was to hear you only.

And when u said that you will be leaving the city, it was like hell for me. Don’t know what happened to me but I was thinking of you only. The thought that my best friend will leave me and I will be alone forever. Saw similar case in T.V., but they showed a different result of what I was thinking.

It was only after my friend convinced me that I was in love, which I didn’t want in my life ever…. I fell in love with you…
I was happy but then didn’t wanted to break it upon u. I thought why to hamper the relationship of our friendship with a silly thought of mine. But then after few days, I couldn’t bear it and decided to be in the stranger mode, not to talk much with you. This will be the only solution to forget all those. If I hadn’t read the mail that you had sent, I would never have even confessed and would have gone from your life. But that was a turning point and the days after that just transformed the relationship of friendship to love. OMG! me in love and its so heavenly feeling. Am so blessed.

But then the reality pinched me that u can never be mine. U can’t imagine how I was feeling at that time. Felt like crying my eyes out. But then I consoled myself. Then I realized that our first love is our parents. How could one forget and betray their 1st love. Whatever they will say, I will do that. But there will be a pain in my heart always, that I couldn’t be with you, maybe that will happen in our next birth. You don’t worry about anything. Am not like those other girls who will commit suicide if they don’t get their love. Its the most insane thing in this world and I will be surely not a part of it. So, don’t worry. I want both of us to live happily in the future and it will happen.

Thing is that, maybe our love will remain incomplete. But we will always be friends forever
Am sending silvy to u. It was always with me. Now she will be with u. Take care of her. I know that you will.

V… 🙂

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