Letter to Bestfriend

These are a few lines from the letter, my bestfriend(now my love), V, gave me in our last meeting,  before I left the city. She made me do her a promise not to tell anyone about this nor should I show it to anyone. So am going to present the letter here with a little change in language and style, so that her precious words stay with me always.

To My Bestfriend

I have always wanted a friend in my life with whom I can share every single moment of my life. Tanya is there, but not always. And finally my quest was over. I found you. U were so supportive and understanding. You have so much patience to listen to whatever I say. Even if I made fun of you, calling you names and all, you weren’t angry with me. Whenever
I was in trouble, you were always there to help me out.  You had all the solutions to my problems. I felt like God has sent me an angel. And as days passed we became best friends.  With you, I was able to talk freely about anything. Whenever I called you (sorry! you called me), we kept talking for long hours and it was like two friends since childhood. Even though we are staying miles apart, it never felt like you were far from me. I felt that you were by my side always and you are, even now.

Then as days passed, it was like I felt restless waiting for your messages to come and I
would repeatedly sms you.   I didn’t know then why was this happening with me. And whenever you called me, no matter how much I wanted to talk to you I couldn’t utter a single word and all I wanted was to hear you only.

And when u said that you will be leaving the city, it was like hell for me. Don’t know what happened to me but I was thinking of you only. The thought that my best friend will leave me and I will be alone forever. Saw similar case in T.V., but they showed a different result of what I was thinking.

It was only after my friend convinced me that I was in love, which I didn’t want in my life ever…. I fell in love with you…
I was happy but then didn’t wanted to break it upon u. I thought why to hamper the relationship of our friendship with a silly thought of mine. But then after few days, I couldn’t bear it and decided to be in the stranger mode, not to talk much with you. This will be the only solution to forget all those. If I hadn’t read the mail that you had sent, I would never have even confessed and would have gone from your life. But that was a turning point and the days after that just transformed the relationship of friendship to love. OMG! me in love and its so heavenly feeling. Am so blessed.

But then the reality pinched me that u can never be mine. U can’t imagine how I was feeling at that time. Felt like crying my eyes out. But then I consoled myself. Then I realized that our first love is our parents. How could one forget and betray their 1st love. Whatever they will say, I will do that. But there will be a pain in my heart always, that I couldn’t be with you, maybe that will happen in our next birth. You don’t worry about anything. Am not like those other girls who will commit suicide if they don’t get their love. Its the most insane thing in this world and I will be surely not a part of it. So, don’t worry. I want both of us to live happily in the future and it will happen.

Thing is that, maybe our love will remain incomplete. But we will always be friends forever
Am sending silvy to u. It was always with me. Now she will be with u. Take care of her. I know that you will.

V… 🙂


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  1. sadly enough, I am to relate to her words completely. thnx for sharing

  2. I forgot to mention.. the ‘silvy’, that she is talking about, is a small teddy bear, used in keyrings.

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